My work is intended to emphasize close relationships between individuals who have influenced me throughout my life. The photographs indicate a sense of staleness of the subject in a moment of a routine or daily practice that wouldn’t typically be captured or glorified. The objective of my work is to create scenes that demonstrate how a slight moment in someone’s day not only impacts the individual but has a residual effect on the household. The photographs expose personal instances that would only be witnessed by individuals who are intimately connected to each other. These situations are primarily represented in a household; however, they are not limited to domestic settings. Giving a sense of vulnerability, the images grant viewers the ability to observe and connect with the subject in that particular moment in time. The creation of these visuals allows me to ambiguously reveal memorable yet simple fragments of my life. Intimate moments are some of the most important interactions in a person’s life, I hope that my work is able to highlight those interactions and resonate with the viewer, connecting a moment from my life to theirs.