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About Jacob Dowis 

Jacob Dowis (b. Miami, FL,1996) works in a narrative and cinematic style of photography. Dowis's  approach to the medium is a product of his interest in movies and film stills from and young age. He is drawn to the ability of creating captivating stories through the use of a single photograph, much like how movie posters in the the 1900's would focus on the highlighting the lead character and give a glimpse into the plot of the movie without spoiling the story.
He has created one artist book 33157 (edition of 10, 2015), Dowis has been apart of seven group exhibitions, including Luminosity: The Impact of Light, New York Center for Photographic Arts, New York City, NY, Shared Spaces: Response, Exhibition, Boca Raton, FL, and Draft 17, Publication and Exhibition, George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY. Dowis is currently living in South Florida working freelance. 


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